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Détail de "King Arthur ou The British Worthy" sur le cd "Purcell - Orpheus Britannicus (chansons) - Mellon, Rousset, Kuijken"

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Z628/ 1. 1st Music
Z628/ 2. 2nd Music
Z628/ 3. Air
Z628/ 4. Overture
Acte I
Z628/ 5. Prelude and Aria : Woden, first to thee {B}
Z628/ 6. Aria : The white horse {B}
Z628/ 7-8. Prelude, Aria and Chorus : Brave Souls {S,chor}
Z628/ 9. Aria : I call ye all to Woden's hall {T,chor}
Z628/10. Symphony, Aria and Chorus : Come if you dare {T,chor}
Z628/11. 1st Act Tune
Acte II
Z628/12. Prelude and Aria : Hither this way bend {S (Philidel),chor,2ob,str}
Z628/13. Aria, Ritornello : Let not a moon-born Elf [B (Grimbald)]
Z628/14. Dialogue and Chorus : Come follow me {S (Philidel),STAB,chor}
Z628/15. Dance, Aria and Chorus : How blest are Shepherds {T (Shepherd),chor}
Z628/16. Symphony and Duet (dialogue) : Shepherd, leave decoying {SS (Two Shepherdesses),2fl,2ob,str}
Z628/17. Chorus and Hornpipe : Come Shepherds
Z628/18. 2nd Act Tune
Acte III
Z628/19. Prelude and Aria : What ho {S (Cupid)}. The Frost Scene
Z628/20. Prelude and Aria : What power art thou {B (Genius)}. Prelude while the cold Genius rises
Z628/21. Aria : Thou doting fool forbear {S (Cupid)}
Z628/22. Aria : Great love {B}
Z628/23. Aria : No part {S}
Z628/24. Prelude, Chorus and Dance : See, see
Z628/25. Aria, Ritornello and Chorus : Tis I, that have warn'd ye {S (Cupid)}
Z628/26. Prelude and Duet : Sound a Parley {S (Cupid),B (Genius)}
Z628/27. Aria, Ritornello and Chorus : Tis I, that have warn'd ye {S (Cupid)}
Z628/28. 3rd Act Tune: Air
Acte IV
Z628/29. Duet : Two Daughters {SS (Two Syrens)}
Z628/30a. Passacaglia
Z628/30b-30d. Aria, Ritornello and Chorus : How happy the Lover {A,chor}
Z628/30e-30i. Dialogue and Chorus : No, no joy [SSSATB,chor]
Z628/31. 4th Act Tune
Acte V
Z628/32a. Prelude: Trompet Tune
Z628/32b-32c. Aria : Ye Blust'ring Brethren {B (Aeolus),2fl,str}
Z628/33. Symphony
Z628/34. Duet and Chorus : Round thy coasts {S (Nereid),B (Pan),chor}
Z628/35a. Aria : You say tis love {S}
Z628/35b-35c. Aria and Chorus : This not my passion {B,chor}
Z628/35d-35e. Aria and Chorus : But one soft moment {B,chor}
Z628/36. Duet : For folded flocks {SB}
Z628/37. Aria and Chorus : Your hay is mown {T (Comus)}
Z628/38. Aria : Fairest Isle {S (Venus)}
Z628/39. Chorus : St George {S,chor,2tpt,2ob,str}
Z628/40. 5th Act Tune: Chaconne