Détail de "Alexander Balus"

Acte I
Ouverture : Grave – Allegro
Scène 1
No 01. Chorus: Flush'd with conquest, fir'd by Mithra (Asiates)
No 02. Recitative: Thus far, ye glorious partners of the war (Alexander/Jonathan)
No 03. Air: Great Author of this harmony (Jonathan)
No 04: Flourish of trumpets
No 05. Recitative: And thus let happy Egypt's king (Ptolomee)
No 06. Air: Thrice happy the monarch, whom nations content (Ptolomee)
No 07. Recitative: Congratulation to our father\
No 08. Air: Hark! hark! he strikes the golden lyre (Cleopatra)
No 09. Recitative: Be it my chief ambition there to rise (Alexander)
No 10. Air: Fair virtue shall charm me (Alexander)
No 11. Chorus: Ye happy nations round (Asiates)
Scène 2
No 1. Recitative: My Jonathan (Alexander)
No 2. Air: Oh, what resistless charms are giv'n (Alexander)
Scène 3
No 1. Air: Subtle love, with fancy viewing (Cleopatra)
No 2. Recitative: Aspasia, I know not what to call (Cleopatra)
No 3. Air: How happy should we mortals prove (Cleopatra)
No 4. Recitative: Check not the pleasing accents of thy tongue (Aspasia)
No 5. Air: So shall the sweet attractive smile (Aspasia)
No 6. Recitative: How blissful state! (Cleopatra/Aspasia)
No 7. Duet: O what pleasures, past expressing (Cleopatra/Aspasia)
Scène 4
No 1. Recitative: Why hangs this heavy gloom upon the brow (Jonathan/Alexander)
No 2. Air: Heroes may boast their mighty deed (Alexander)
Scène 5
No 1. Recitative: Ye sons of Judah, with high festival (Jonathan)
No 2. Air with chorus: Great God, from whom all blessings spring (Jonathan/Israelites)
Acte II
Scène 1
No 1. Air: Kind hope, thou universal friend (Alexander)
No 2. Recitative: Long, long and happy live the king! (Jonathan/Alexander)
No 3. Air: O Mithra, with thy brightest beams (Alexander)
No 4. Recitative: Stay, my dread sovereign (Sycophant courtier/Alexander/Jonathan)
No 5. Air: Mighty love now calls to arm (Alexander)
No 6. Air: Hateful man! thy sland'rous tongue (Jonathan)
No 7. Chorus: O calumny, on virtue waiting (Israelites)
Scène 2
No 1. Recitative: Ah! whence these dire forebodings of the mind? (Cleopatra)
No 2. Air: Tossed from thought to thought I rove (Cleopatra)
No 3. Recitative: Give to the winds, fair princess, these vain doubts (Aspasia)
No 4. Air: Love, glory, ambition, whate'er can inspire (Aspasia)
Scène 3
No 1. Recitative: Thus far my wishes thrive (Ptolomee)
No 2. Air: Virtue, thou ideal name (Ptolomee)
Scène 4
No 1. Accompagnato: Ye happy people, with loud accents speak (Jonathan)
No 2. Soli with chorus: Triumph Hymen in the pair
No 3. Recitative: Glad time, at length, hath reach'd the happy point (Alexander/Cleopatra)
No 4. Duet: Hail wedded love, mysterious law! (Alexander/Cleopatra)
No 5. Chorus: Hymen, fair Urania's son (Asiates)
Acte III
Introduction: Sinfonia
Scène 1
No 1. Recitative: 'Tis true, instinctive nature seldom points (Cleopatra)
No 2. Air with chorus: Here amid the shady woods (Cleopatra/Ruffians)
Scène 2
No 1. Recitative: Ah! was it not my Cleopatra's voice? (Alexander)
No 2. Air: Pow'rful guardians of all nature (Alexander)
No 3. Recitative: Treach'ry, O king, unheard of treachery (Jonathan/Alexander/Aspasia)
No 4. Air: Fury, with red sparkling eyes (Alexander)
No 5. Recitative: Gods! can there be a more afflicting sight (Aspasia)
No 6. Air: Strange reverse of human fate (Aspasia)
No 7. Recitative: May he return with laurel'd victory (Jonathan)
No 8. Air: To God who made the radiant sun (Jonathan)
No 9. Chorus: Sun, moon, and stars, and all ye Host of Heav'n (Israelites)
Scène 3
No 1. Recitative: Yes he was false, my daughter, false to you (Jonathan/Cleopatra)
No 2. Accompagnato: Ungrateful child, by ev'ry sacred pow'r (Ptolomee)
Scène 4
No 1. Accompagnato: Shall Cleopatra ever smile again? (Cleopatra)
No 2. Recitative: Ungrateful tidings to the royal ear (Messenger)
No 3. Air: O sword, and thou, all-daring hand (Ptolomee)
No 3. Air: O take me from this hateful light (Cleopatra)
No 4. Recitative: Forgive, O queen, the messenger of ill! (Second messenger/Cleopatra)
No 5. Accompagnato: Calm thou my soul (Cleopatra)
No 6. Air: Convey me to some peaceful shore (Cleopatra)
Scène 5
No 1. Recitative: Mysterious are thy ways, O Providence! (Jonathan)
No 2. Chorus with solo: Ye servants of th' eternal King (Jonathan/Israelites)