Détail de "Ode à Sainte Cécile - "Hail ! Bright Cecilia !""

1. Symphony, Maestoso - Canzona. Allegro - Adagio...
2. Hail! Bright Cecilia (Soliste et choeur)
3. Hark! Hark! Each tree (Duo A, B)
4. 'Tis nature's voice (A)
5. Soul of the world! (Choeur)
6. Thou tun'st this world (S, Choeur)
7. With that sublime Celestial Lay (Trio A, A & B)
8. Wondrous Machine! (B)
9. The airy Violin (A)
10. In vain the Am'rous flute (A, T)
11. The fife and all the Harmony of War (A)
12. Let these among themselves contest (Duo B & B)
13. Hail! Bright Cecilia (Choeur, A, A, T, B)