Détail de "Prophetess or The History of Dioclesian"

1. 1st music
2. 2nd Music - Trumpet tune
3. Ouverture
Acte I
4. 1st Act Tune : Hornpipe
Acte II
5. Prelude, Aria and Chorus : Great Diocles the boar has killed {B,chor}
6. Prelude and Aria : Charon, the peaceful shade invites {S}
7. Symphony
8. Duet and Chorus : Let all mankind the pleasures share {SB,chor}
9. Prelude, Aria and Chorus : Let the soldier's rejoice {B/A,chor}
10. Ritornello (2 tp & hb)
11. Trio and Chorus : To Mars let 'em raise {BBB/ATB,chor}
12. Ritornello
13a. Prelude {2fl} - A Symphony of flutes in the air
13bc. Aria and Chorus : Since the toils and hazards of war {A,chor,2fl,2ob,str}
13d. Aria and Ritornello : With dances and songs {B} Song upon a Ground
13e. Quartet and Chorus : Let the priests with processions {SBBB,chor,2ob,2t.ob}
14. Dance of the Furies
15. 2nd Act Tune
Acte III
16 (App1). Aria : When first I saw {S}
16. Chaconne: Two in one upon a Ground
17. The Chair Dance
18. Prelude and Aria : What shall I do {S}
19. 3rd Act Tune
Acte IV
20. Butterfy Dance {in [=14a]}
21. Trumpet Tune
22-23. Aria and Chorus : Sound Fame {B,chor}
24. 4th Act Tune
Acte V
25. Country Dance
26. Prelude and Masque : Call the Nymphs and the fauns {S (Cupid)}
27. Duet : Come, come away {B (a Bachanalian),B (a Silvan)}
Entry I
28. Prelude and Chorus : Behold, O mightiest of gods {2ob,str}
29. Paspe {2tpt,str}
30. Duet : O, the sweet delights of love {SS (Two Wood-Gods)}
31 (App2). Aria : Since from my dear Astrea's sight {S (a Faun)}
31. Aria and Chorus : Let monarchs fight {S (a Faun),chor,str}
Entry II
32ab. Prelude and Duet : Make room for the great god of wine {BB (Bacchus' Followers),2ob}
32c. Chorus : I'm here with my jolly crew {chor,2ob}
32d. Dance of the Baccanals {2ob}
32e?. Give to every one {BBB,chor}
33. Aria & Ritornello : STill I'm wishing {B/S (Cupid's Follower)}
Entry III
34. Canaries
35. Duet (dialogue) : Tell me why my charming fair {S (Shepherdess),B (Shepherd)}
Entry IV
36. Dance
37. Aria and Chorus : All our days {B (One of the Pleasures),chor}
38 (App3). Aria : Let us dance {S (Another of the Pleasures)}
38. Trio : Triumph, victorious love {BBB}
39. Chorus