Détail de "Fairy Queen (the)"

First Music
1. Prelude
2. Hornpipe
Second Music
3. Aire
4. Rondeaux
5. Overture
Acte 1
6. Song in Two Parts: Come, come, come, let us leave the Town
7. Scene of the Drunken Poet: Fill up the Bowl
8. First Act Tune: Jig
Acte 2
9. Prelude and Song: Come all ye Songsters of the Sky
10. Prelude
11. Trio: May the God of Wit inspire
12. Echo
13a. Chorus: Now joyn your Warbling Voices all
13b. Dance for Faierys
13c. Song and Chorus: Sing while we trip it upon the Green
14. Song: See, even Night herself is here
15. Song: I am come to lock all fast
16. Song: One charming Night
17. Song and Chorus: Hush, no more, be silent, all
18. A Dance for the Followers of Night
19. Second Act Tune: Aire
Acte 3
20. A Song in Two Parts and Chorus: If Love's a Sweet Passion
21. Symphony while the Swans come forward
22. Dance for the Faierys
23. Dance for the Green Men
24. Song: Ye gentle Spirits of the Air, appear
25. Dialogue between Corydon and Mopsa: Now the Maids and the Men
26. Song: When I have often heard
27. A Dance for the Haymakers
28. Song and Chorus: A Thousand Thousand ways we'll find
29. Third Act Tune: Hornpipe
Acte 4
30. Symphony – Canzona
1. Largo
2. Allegro
3. Adagio – Allegro
31. Solo and Chorus: Now the Night is chas'd away
32. Duet: Let the Fifes, and the Clarions
33. Entry of Phoebus
34. Song: When a Cruel long Winter
35. Chorus: Hail! Great Parent of us all
36. Song: Thus the ever Grateful Spring
37. Song: Here's the Summer, Sprightly, Gay
38. Song: See my many Colour'd Fields
39. Song: Next, Winter comes Slowly
40. Fourth Act Tune: Aire
Acte 5
41. Prelude
42. Epithalamium: Thrice happy Lovers
43. The Plaint: O let me weep
44. Entry Dance
45. Symphony
46. Song: Thus the gloomy World
47. Solo and Chorus: Thus Happy and Free
48. Song: Yes, Daphne, in your Looks I find
49. Monkeys' Dance
50. Song: Hark! how all Things
51. Song and Chorus: Hark! the Echoing Air
52. Duet and Chorus: Sure the dull God of Marriage
53. Prelude
54. Solo: See, see, I obey
55. Duet: Turn then thine Eyes
56. Solo: My Torch, indeed
57. Trio: They shall be as happy
58. Air
59. Chorus: They shall be as happy
60. Chacone: Dance for the Chinese Man and Woman