Détail de "Esther"

Overture : Andante - Larghetto - Allegro
Scène 1
1. Recitative Habdonah/Haman: 'Tis greater far to spare
2. Aria Haman: Pluck root and branch from out the land
3. Recitative Persian Officer: Our souls with ardour glow
4. Chorus: Shall we the God of Israel fear?
Scène 2
1. Recitative First Israelite: Now persecution shall lay by her iron rod
2. Aria: Tune your harps to cheerfull strains
3. Chorus: Shall we of servitude complain
4. Aria Israelite Woman: Praise the Lord with cheerful noise
5. Recitative Israelite Woman: 0 God, who from the suckling's mouth
6. Aria Second Israelite: Sing songs of praise, bow down the knee
7. Chorus: Shall we of servitude complain
Scène 3
1. Recitative Priest of the Israelites: How have our sins provoked the Lord!
2. Chorus: Ye sons of Israel mourn
3. Aria Priest ofc The Israelites: 0 Jordan, Jordan, sacred tide
4. Chorus: Ye sons of Israel mourn
Scène 4
1. Recitative Esther/Mordecai: Why sits that sorrow on thy brow?
2. Aria Mordecai: Dread not, righteous Queen, the danger
3. Recitative Esther: I go before the King to stand
4. Aria Esther: Tears assist me, pity moving
Scène 5
1. Recitative Ahasuerus/Esther: Who dares intrude into our presence
2. Duet Esther/Ahasuerus: Who calls my parting soul from death?
3. Aria Ahasuerus: 0 beauteous Queen, unclose those eyes!
4. Recitative Esther: If I find favour in thy sight
5. Aria Ahasuerus: How can I stay when love invites?
6. Recitative Third Israelite/Fourth Israelite: With inward joy his visage glows
7. Chorus: Virtue, truth and innocence
8. Arioso Priest of the Israelites: Jehovah, Crown'd with glory bright
9. Chorus: He comes, he comes to end our woes
Scène 6
1. Recitative Ahasuerus/Esther: Now, a Queen, thy suit declare
2. Arioso Haman: Turn not, a Queen, thy face away
3. Aria Esther: Flatt' ring tongue, no more I hear thee!
4. Recitative Ahasuerus: Guards, seize the traitor, bear him hence!
5. Aria Haman: How art thou fall'n from thy height!
6. Chorus: The Lord Our enemy has slain